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1 Virus Alerts
  1 Information about the W32/Bagle.Z Worm 4/27/2004
    W32/Bagle.Z is a mass mailing worm. The worm will infect Windows systems.
This worm spreads through email and shared drives on the network.
  2 Information about the W32/Netsky.AB worm 4/24/2004
    W32/Netsky.AB is a mass mailing worm. This worm is a variant of W32/Netsky.Z.This worm infects Windows
systems and spreads through email. The infected email carries a spoofed 'From' address, picked up from
the infected system.
2 IT News
  3 Next update to Windows XP 4/22/2004
    Microsoft has delayed the planned release date of its next update to Windows XP by about a month. Detail
  4 The Danger of bot software 4/28/2004
    While many network administrators worry about the next worm, security experts are warning that a quieter but
equally damaging threat is slowly gaining control of large networks of computers Known as bot software.
3 Web Technology
  5 Sun advance their Java app servers 4/27/2004
    BEA Systems Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. each advanced their Java application servers Monday.
BEA offered customers a path to utility computing through a partnership with Veritas Software Corp.,
while Sun released a low-end version of its application server that supports the latest enterprise
Java standard.
  6 W3C signs off on Web scripting specs 4/27/2004
    APRIL 08, 2004 - The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has completed work on a set of technical
specifications that define how scripting programs interact with Web pages. The development marks
an important step toward interoperability on the Web and is a sign of the Web's growing maturity,
according to an industry analyst.
4 Hardware Reviews
  7 AMD's Opteron 4/26/2004
    Customers are saying that Opteron is a damn good chip at a great price, which has allowed HP and IBM to
deliver value servers, Aberdeen Group chief research officer Peter Kastner told TechNewsWorld.
Coming out of a recession, IT organizations are more value-conscious, and AMD has hit a sweet spot.
  8 Tiny USB flash drive 4/22/2004
    There are gobs of products out there to help you send, store, and transport your data, but few can match the
simplicity and sheer portability of a tiny USB flash drive.
5 Security
  9 Latest Virus Alerts 4/27/2004
    Here is the list of the latest viruses: Detail
6 Technology Tools
  10 SGI Altix 350 4/25/2004
    Highlights of the recent quarter include SGI's extension of the Altix line with the launch of the SGI Altix 350,
a smaller, lower-priced system targeted toward the midrange of the technical marketplace.
7 Tutorials
  11 Resolving Device Conflicts 3/3/2004
    Plug-N-Play was supposed to solve the problem of driver conflicts.
Windows is supposed to look at everything in your computer, see where
there is room to put the new device, and put it there. This works
pretty good most of the time, but sometimes Windows gets confused and
doesn't put the device where it's supposed to go.
  12 How To repair a PC 3/3/2004
    It's bound to happen sooner or later: you turn on the old computer,
and something that was working fine before is no longer working at
all, or is having weird problems. Whether it's your modem, your
sound card, a scanner, or some other device in or connected to your
PC, there are a few things that you can do to get it working again.
  13 Installing a Second Hard Drive 3/3/2004
    This guide was developed to instruct readers on the proper procedures
for installing a secondary IDE hard drive into a desktop computer system.
It includes step-by-step instructions for the physical installation of
the drive into the computer case and properly connecting it into the
computer motherboard. Please refer to the documentation included with
the hard drive for some of the items listed in this guide.
  14 Install Video Card 3/2/2004
    This is an easy step. It covers ISA, VLB, and PCI cards. Information on AGP can be found here. Detail
  15 Configure Hard Drive and CD-ROM 3/2/2004
    It's much easier to configure these drives before actually installing them in the case. If you install
them first, having enough room to actually set the jumpers can be a problem.

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