How to Find Serial Numbers

How to Find Serial Numbers

How to Find Serial Numbers

When your appliance, computer or phone breaks down before the warranty is up, one of the most important pieces of information and course of action is finding serial numbers for the appliance. The serial is a set of digits and letters assigned to the product. These digits and letters are unique to an individual piece of equipment.

These are printed on the reverse or underside of an appliance or product. They appear on a label which indicates the manufacturer’s name, the model type, and the serial number. This may also be abbreviated as SN or S/N.

Finding it is not always easy. On hardware, the number is embedded in the device. Software products usually display a virtual one which is accessible when the program is downloaded and installed.

Finding it on an appliance is easier. Look on the reverse or the underside of the item. The item might be a refrigerator, stove, microwave, or vacuum. You should notice a silver label or sticker with the info printed on it clearly.

Finding the information on computer accessories can be as difficult as finding it on hardware. A router might display many more digits than just a number. The model number will be the same for the type of router, but the S/N will be different. It is also a longer number than most models are.

For example, a router is labeled as Model 2020. This would be the same on every product sold. However, the device would also have its own S/N imprinted on it. They are like UPC codes in their appearance and length, but UPCs are assigned to similar products. S/Ns are completely unique to the individual piece of equipment. This is how you can identify them and provide this information to the manufacturer.

Once you learn to identify what an S/N looks like, it is much easier to locate it. When you buy a new computer drive, motherboard, or another computer item it is a good idea to locate the SN and register the product online. Keep a copy of this info filed somewhere in the event the item malfunctions under the warranty period.

You will be able to get it serviced or replaced a lot faster if you have this info readily available. This is because the manufacturer will be able to track their own information about the piece down easily.

There are times where products are made and have faulty parts. A company may need to issue a recall. To do this, they need to match the faulty item’s # with individual products so that they can alert the owners. Usually, the faulty mechanism will be replaced or repaired at no charge to you even if the warranty has expired.

When you learn how to spot these digits, it becomes easier to note them. Always jot them down and retain them for your records. If your product needs to be serviced under the warranty you will be able to get it serviced at no charge.

David Holfs