The Main Components Of A Computer

The Main Components Of A Computer

The Main Components Of A Computer

If you are thinking about creating your own P.C or simply want to upgrade the one you have, you need to know about the main parts of a P.C. There are 5 things that you need to know about when looking at a P.C.

The Input

The input of your PC will be the parts that link to external devices such as keyboards and your mouse. These will gain the instructions and data which your P.C needs to perform certain tasks. It also will then transform the data from the external source using units called input interfaces. The interface has been designed to match the physical and electrical characteristics of the input device.

This means that it will accept or read the instructions from external devices such as keyboards, display or whatever you hook up into the input. The units will then convert this into something that the other parts in your P.C will be able to use. This formatted info will then be supplied to other parts of the PC to ensure that tasks are completed.

The Output

As the name would suggest, the output will do the opposite of the input. These will supply information and computation results to the world outside of the P.C through varies devices and means. An example of one of these will be the monitor.

It is important to note that output will convert the binary info that PC’s work with to something that is readable to humans. The converted data will vary depending on the output device. It could be an image for the monitor or audio for the speakers.

The Storage

One of the internal parts of your PC is the storage. This is the part of the PC which stores all the info and instructions as well as providing space for intermediate results. The storage for most P.C’s will be the hard drive.

There are 2 different types of hard drives available on the market and some PC’s will work with both. The HDD is one type and will use a mechanical method of writing data onto the disk of the storage. This will generally have more space than the other option which is the SSD or solid state drive. The SSD units will be faster than the HDD and it is important to consider this when looking at components.

The Central Processing

The CPU or central processing unit is the central part within the PC as it is responsible for all the events which occur in the device. The CPU will control all of the internal and external devices and will perform all of the logical and arithmetic operations. The operations which are performed is called an instruction set and this will be hard-wired in the CPU. For a CPU to be compatible with other devices, they will need to use the same language instruction set. This is why an instruction set for Apple will not run on an IBM compatible PC.

The Arithmetic And Logic

The last part you need to know about is the ALU or arithmetic and logic unit. This is the place where the actual execution of instructions will occur. All of the calculations and decisions made by the computer will take place in the ALU.

For the ALU to work, data will move from the hard drive unit to the ALU. Once the ALU has completed its task, intermediate results will be sent back to the storage unit to be held until it is needed. When all of the computations are completed by the ALU, the final results are sent to the storage unit which will then release this to the output.

David Holfs